Meet Our Team


Hospital Manager

With Cornerstone Since: October 2017

Alexis, a lifelong resident of Epping, NH, has always felt a deep connection to the community where she grew up, the same town that is home to our veterinary clinic. Her professional journey in animal care began at a doggy daycare, one of her first real jobs. Seeking a faster-paced environment and more opportunities for learning, Alexis joined Cornerstone as a receptionist. Her dedication and passion for veterinary medicine led her to become the clinic manager within four years. Over time, Alexis has gained experience in every position at the veterinary hospital, demonstrating her versatility and commitment.

Drawn to veterinary medicine by her love for fostering healthy human-animal bonds, Alexis found her calling at Cornerstone. She has always been passionate about caring for animals and appreciates the small-town, family-oriented atmosphere of the clinic. Alexis is a familiar face throughout the hospital, whether she's assisting clients and patients up front, answering phones, working in exam rooms and surgery, or even out on the road.

At home, Alexis is a proud pet parent to two bearded dragons and four dogs. Outside of work, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, fiancé, and dogs. Her hobbies include camping, horseback riding, and cooking, all of which reflect her love for the outdoors and family-oriented activities.

Meghan Dubois

Technician and Groomer

With Cornerstone Since: October 2021

Meghan Dubois grew up in Derry, NH, and has been immersed in the veterinary world for almost a decade. Starting as a kennel attendant at 16, she advanced to a tech assistant and then a technician. Meghan's professional journey also includes working at horse stables and being a full-time groomer for seven years, while still practicing as a part-time technician due to her passion for veterinary medicine. She has been with Cornerstone for over two years and has previously worked with Dr. Greene. Meghan is drawn to veterinary medicine by her love for animals of all kinds and the fulfillment she finds in caring for their health and needs.

In the hospital, you can find Meghan everywhere – from reception and exam rooms to the back area and on the road for large animals. At home, Meghan has a full house with three dogs (Ivy, Jenee, and Blue), two horses (Okemo and Max), and two cats (Boo and Bojo). Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her horses, hiking with her dogs, and engaging in water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding.

Brooke Sellar

Customer Service

With Cornerstone Since: February 2023

Brooke Sellar hails from Seabrook, NH. Her professional journey has been centered around customer service, which she passionately brings to her role at Cornerstone. Brooke was attracted to Cornerstone by the sense of community, teamwork, and the opportunity to help both clients and pets.

In the hospital, Brooke is a familiar face at the reception, on the phone, answering emails, checking clients and patients in and out, and handling food and prescription orders. At home, she cares for her two mixed-breed dogs, Bella and Calliope. In her free time, Brooke enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and relaxing at Pleasant Lake.

Jess Bart

Technician Assistant

With Cornerstone Since: May 2023

Jess Bart grew up in Raymond, NH. Her early professional experiences include volunteering at a doggy daycare in her early teens, working as a dog groomer during college, and working on a dairy farm during her senior year of college. Jess has always been passionate about animals and decided at a young age that she wanted to pursue a career in the veterinary field, with the ultimate goal of becoming a veterinarian.

In the hospital, you can find Jess up front, often with Brooke, in rooms, out back doing lab work, and assisting with surgeries. She shares her home with four cats, a turtle, and a rabbit. Outside of work, Jess enjoys reading, building Legos, and watching TikTok.